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The 20 Most Important Organizations in American Politics 2018! We're looking at the left wing we're looking at the right wing. We're giving you a big overview of the whole shebang! And by "We" - I mean ME - because no one is helping me with this youtube channel and I still have 60+ videos out because I'm so handsome. SO - what are some highlights? The Koch Brothers, the libertarian [possibly conservative] billionaires that donate to right wingers. The AFL CIO, the socialist [possibly communist] workers unions that donate to left wingers! And now that both sides hate me, I'd better toss in some key words!

Planned Parenthood! The UN or United Nations! GreenPeace! Politics and debate and discussion and PACS or political action committees, and super pacs! And Trump and Hillary and Lobbying and the NRA! Scary! Wooooooo, okay that's enough keywords for now.

By the way, Media Research Center runs a site called "NewsBusters" - which is pro right wing. Since most of my viewers are friendly towards conservatism, check it out! https://www.newsbusters.org

0:08 - MoveOn.org
0:55 - The Koch Brothers
1:35 - The AFL CIO
2:42 - GreenPeace
3:30 - The Heritage Foundation

5:08 - The Guardian & The BBC
7:18 - National Review
8:00 - Planned Parenthood
9:30 - The United Nations
10:12 - The ACLU

12:12 - National Education Association
13:00 - National Right to Work Committee
13:36 - THE NRA
15:22 - People for the American Way
15:54 - PETA

16:40 - Media Matters For America
17:50 - Media Research Center
18:20 - Center for American Progress
19:16 - The Tea Party Movement
20:34 - ACORN

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Video Topic: 20 Most Important Organizations in American Politics 2018
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