Brandon Tatum
Brandon Tatum 09 Aug 2019

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Abortion From A Man's Perspective


Abortion from a mans perspective

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FranklinDaGhost 7 months ago

abortion is the political way for mothers to be dead beats. Men get crucified for being absentee fathers but when women actually kill the babies for not wanting to be responsible its labeled as reproductive rights and celebrated.

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Tallhandle 8 months ago

My mom was raped and then i was born. Retired U.S. Army Combat veteran.
Thanks for pushing me to succeed and not playing the victim. Getting hit hard in life and getting back up to achieve your goals.
Then getting off public assistance to go to school to become a registered nurse now retired married and owns property as we speak. Thank you mom for not aborting me # A loving mom.

Thanks Brandon

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Cybervic 8 months ago

Very true thank you for finding this platform hoping that you and David possibly can encourage more of you to get on this. I am tired of people being deplatformed

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Garbo 8 months ago

So, so true! Just watched the movie “Unplanned” last night. More people need to watch it, it sheds light on abortion that people don’t want to hear about...

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lucien 8 months ago

rape is the exception to me too, but you also raise a valid point

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TheCatAteMyShoe 8 months ago


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jesusdacreator 8 months ago

Excellent discussion.

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RobH 8 months ago

Good discussion

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