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Democrats want to take your rights


Democrats want to take your rights

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bdnews 9 months ago

I followed you here and i will tell everybody about .

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LloydMc 10 months ago

Thank you for boldly and fearlessly speaking the truth.

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Sonja Brown
Sonja Brown 10 months ago

Love your videos! You tell it like it is!

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CaptainH 10 months ago

Thank you for providing this link. Awesome.

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christyjo0354 10 months ago

Please keep posting here!

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Lynn 10 months ago

Just came over from YouTube. The video quality seems much better here. It is well worth 2 cents to watch a video. We need to figure out how we can get lots more people over here.

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My2Cents 10 months ago

Google's criminality and algorythms attempting to effect the elections has recently been revealed by Project Veritas. This is a win for us sane, woke people. Love you, Brandon!

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Jimmie Davis
Jimmie Davis 10 months ago

I love the way you think. Just found this site and I am Stoked. We have a place reason can be heard.

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GWM58 10 months ago

UN agenda 21 and agenda 2030 as well as other UN documents call for call for systematic destruction of western ideals. Common core educational system is part of the process to dumb down the masses. Reduction in population by many ways is another, war, disease, food stocks reduction, genocide, abortion, redistribution of wealth, etc. are all being used today.

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RickyO 10 months ago

The Democrats will have ultimate control over you, once you give up your rights and guns. Next you will have the police (your prison guards) in riot gear beating on you. All you will have to defend yourself is an umbrella.

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