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Glock 45 Unboxing!


Check out this video where I unbox my brand-new Glock 45 pistol handgun!

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MacGuffin 8 months ago

Beautiful piece, Anthony. PLEASE be careful--my brother's lack of attention to his .45 cost him his life. He'd still be alive if his gun only discharged if the trigger was pulled. He didn't engage the safety OR put the gun in its holster, put it COCKED in a drawstring pouch with an extra clip, and slammed in on the counter at work. The hammer hit the clip and the rest is tragic history.
I'm thinking of applying for a handgun license (necessary to even handle a handgun in NYC) and learning to shoot; my aunt's stepson--a former detective on the D.C. force--suggested a 2" .38 as a nice woman's gun. I have no interest in carrying but asserting one's Second Amendment rights isn't a bad idea.

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SteveOfficial 8 months ago

Daag, you got big hands!

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mz916 8 months ago

Very annoying that every 4 or 5 seconds the video stops to catch up.

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Feldheld 8 months ago

No such issue here.

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nahtay 8 months ago

H&K for life.

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Giovanni Caenazzo
Giovanni Caenazzo 9 months ago

When is calling it your pinky finger going to become racist?

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christyrwilson 8 months ago


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Carmen Guillermo
Carmen Guillermo 9 months ago

I've only used a rental glock at the range and I found it very difficult to load the magazine. My hands are kind of weak from tendonitis so I find it easier to use a revolver. I actually learned to clean my 38 special by watching a video online so I think it's a good idea to have informative videos like the one you shared,

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