Justin Higgins
Justin Higgins 17 Aug 2019

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Israel Bars Rep. Omar and Tlaib from Entering... GOOD


Rep. Omar and Tlaib should apologize to Israel for such false claims. Absolutely ridiculous they expect Israel to let them in after being the most antisemitic congresswomen ever?!?!? Really?

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Cybervic 4 months ago

Way to go Justin concise in less than a minute I am impressed

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Tallhandle 4 months ago

I am still flabbergasted on who in the hell voted for the dam anti semetic jew hating witches.
I fight in Iraq and come anti american and Israel in office.
Ohman and talib wouldn't be in this political position in their former country where Muslim women have no rights. Ungrateful witches . Thanks Justin keep the Trump train going

Combat veteran

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