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Obama Agrees with Trump - Proof that Democrats are Hypocritical Morons


Obama talks about illegal immigration and tightening borders

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Jimmie Davis
Jimmie Davis 11 months ago

Wow, what a crock of sh-i-t he was dishing out . . .

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Jodyt1 11 months ago

EVERY PRESIDENT WAS FOR BORDERS! But now Trump says it and he's the Bad orange man, xenophobe, a natzi, racist, etc. Makes me sick!!

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Sonja Brown
Sonja Brown 11 months ago

The dems loved it when Obozo said it. But now it's RACIST! Bunch of hypocrites and liars!

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jjmtz1 11 months ago

A whole lot of nothing but words! The deportes the shit out of illegals but didn’t change the laws, the democrats would have gone along with him and the republicans would have supported it but he was a president of bureaucracy fiat. If he really cared about the country he would have changed the immigration laws and enforced them.

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ArcherVB 11 months ago

Great example of the lying left.

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