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Proof! Democrat politicians are ruining our country!


A woman just shared her heart and frustration on how she had to close her business after 15 years all due to governor Gavin Newsom‘s policies. I have something to say to these Democrat politicians! And to America!

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Debra Gordon
Debra Gordon 7 months ago

People who voted for Newsom KNEW what he had done to San Francisco and STILL voted for him. He was a FAILED MAYOR and these liberal voters STILL voted for him to become Governor. So many people are leaving CA. Get out while you still are alive!

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Annie1956 8 months ago

It’s sickening to think Texas is going towards blue. The people leaving the rat infested state of CA bring their failed democratic votes to destroy another state. Don’t they learn? Are people this stupid? I feel as if I woke up in another world and I want to get off.

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Chris 10 months ago

I'm done with Cali in a week and half I'll be coming to AZ and I was a Democrat and I'm not voting republican

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Gidget 10 months ago

David, MADE THE SWITCH!!❤️Followed u to Teevee, thanks for the info. I don’t get u daily @ YouTube any ways. Appreciate all you do 2 get honest info out to the masses.
I’ve heard Texas is now purple & this bothers me bc I know it stems from ppl leaving California. Most of California’s population will not b constitutionalists like yourself & w/ yt, fb etc removing critical truth we could loose Texas which would mean we would loose our republic. I’m grateful for this platform. We may have a chance.
QUESTION DAVID How can we stop the lying thief’s from allowing illegals 2 vote? How can we stop the fraud w/ voting period?
May God bless & keep u safe brother.

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Jdem2020 10 months ago

David, you've become the voice of common sense and reason. Whether or not you know or realize it, you need to be even more active. People need to hear you speak, they need to hear your rational, level headed voice because too many people these days are lost.

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My2Cents 10 months ago

Live in CA and despise Newsom. Total liberal deep state player.

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Denise Hauser
Denise Hauser 10 months ago

Thank you David for all that you do to get the truth out.

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Amr Waheed
Amr Waheed 10 months ago

Love your content brother

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Paul Pappas
Paul Pappas 10 months ago

These are the worst of times I've seen in my 59 years on this planet and in this country. President Trump is the only person, I don't want to label him a politician, who fighting 20 hours a day for us. Him and his administration are doing a fantastic job. Be wary though, Liberal Politician's are trying hard to sabotage his efforts every step of the way. Prediction: Wall Street liberals will crash the market to sink his economic growth across America just to win in 2020. I honestly believe that. It's the only card they have left to play.

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christyrwilson 10 months ago

I'm also from the Sacramento area. California is getting trashed...literally trashed! It's a disaster with homeless folks and 3rd world immigrants who literally leave a wake of garbage and nastiness as they go! Idk, maybe we need to start handing out Newsoms Fair Oaks, CA address to the homeless and tell them it's a new shelter with lots of freebies!

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KarlaHaley 10 months ago

Thank you for sharing. Also appreciate you pointing me to TeeVeee. I have become mistrustful of YouTube

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jesusdacreator 10 months ago

Many current DNC, and some GOP leaders have align themselves with Globalist Communist and Socialists.

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Cybervic 10 months ago

Go girl thank you so much for speaking up and not fearing the backlash you might get.

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sushipal 10 months ago

Ugh!! Our Dem lawmakers just voted to make MD a sanctuary state starting this Oct! "This is why we can't have nice things." *Please* don't get lulled into accepting lots of "free" perks from Democrats; if so, you are handing over your freedom to corrupt & inept politicians. #WALKAWAY

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jjsphd 10 months ago

Keep up the fight.

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arbster 10 months ago

Diehold foundation go see why and what they hide the missing 23 trillion DUMBS space force
1,250,000 tons of steel turned to dust in 7&9 seconds steel never fails from top to bottom
Wake up Hutchinson affect frequency changes at molecular structures

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arbster 10 months ago

MSM voices are traitors death to traitors

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arbster 10 months ago

To war death to Nazi traitors democrats traitors mueller congressman lawyers fbi doj hundreds,thousands you kill the enemy my patriots

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Carolyn Simmons
Carolyn Simmons 10 months ago

Im so sorry hun for what is happening to you but im very proud of you for standing your ground.

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