david 21 Aug 2019

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Rashida Tlaib and Omar


The wave of Rashida Tlaib and Omar’s is coming...

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Annie1956 6 months ago

Why haven’t you uploaded more videos? I enjoy you talking without fearing you’ll be removed.

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Radiopatriot 6 months ago

If the thought of those Islamists increasing their numbers in our Congress doesn't scare you to death, nothing will. They are death to America. The snake President Trump spoke about during his campaign... "You knew I was a snake when you took me in." We are infested with them.

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MacGuffin 7 months ago

Charles Martel is undoubtedly spinning in his grave.

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Carolyn Simmons
Carolyn Simmons 7 months ago

btw i like you better here no interference

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Carolyn Simmons
Carolyn Simmons 7 months ago

There is not that much racism in the world except from the democrats

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GWM58 8 months ago

The only thing muslums understand is violence, everything else is a weakness.

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