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Seat 1A! Had to make sure everyone knew who I was supporting!


I love getting upgraded to first-class! I wanted to make sure that everyone knew where I stood! I think they got the message! Get my book at www.DavidHarrisJr.com

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TV MOVIES 1 month ago

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Carolyn Simmons
Carolyn Simmons 8 months ago


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Radiopatriot 9 months ago

I needed a good laugh today, and you, my man, delivered in spades. (Not racist). In fact, you reminded me so much of my brother I texted him to watch you. This is something he would do too! Love you. Keep up the fight! We're doing the same on our end!

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randy 9 months ago

Your streaming is worthless. It pauses every few seconds. Waste of money.

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Realnews 9 months ago

Awesome video. It was funny to see that pilot that was seating behind you. He kept looking at you when you were talking to supporters

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yelruhnor 9 months ago

Good Job!!! Loved the video!!!

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Suzanne 9 months ago

Tee hee! Gotta love it!

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MSally1965 9 months ago

Had to pay to see this! I wish I could run into you somewhere. I’d call your name out in front of everyone! You’re still my absolute FAV!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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branrose32 9 months ago

David you’re awesome! Love this video.

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Canuharley 9 months ago

David...You are soooooo awesome...

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Kathy Besselman
Kathy Besselman 9 months ago

That was Awesome.....and the look on the guys face sitting behind you to the e left was priceless.....keep up the good work

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FranklinDaGhost 9 months ago

that's pretty dope can i get one of your books lol

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Dan Bovinich
Dan Bovinich 9 months ago

Loved it! But surprised the airlines didn’t kick you off! Keep up the good work. #KAG

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Sonya Shahan
Sonya Shahan 9 months ago

David you are awesome

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DeplorableMichelle 9 months ago

PS: I'd love to know where to get one of those banners.

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DeplorableMichelle 9 months ago

David, you were hilarious! So happy to see some people supportive, and get a book from you. Keep up the TRUE news, and KEEP AMERICA GREAT! Love you!

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Janeladi 9 months ago

Loved it!!!! You’re the best! Hilarious!

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Italiachic84 9 months ago

Love this!!

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PamRobison 9 months ago

Love it!!

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paj70 9 months ago

Awesome! God bless you brother!

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Annie1956 9 months ago

I just love this❣️❣️ you’re my hero.

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GWM58 9 months ago

You're making a difference, keep up the good work.

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63BL 9 months ago


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Mishy731 9 months ago

Great video David. Hey, where can I get a few of those banners?? I know some people who would love to have them!! God bless you. Stay safe. Stay strong.

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