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Stop All The Joshua Brown Conspiracy Theories!


Botham Jean's neighbor and witness in his murder trial, Joshua Brown, was shot and killed just days after the trial ended with a murder conviction of Amber Guyger.

Conspiracy Theories floated that he was somehow killed in retaliation or that he was silenced by police.

The reality is that three black males were involved with his death over a drug deal gone bad. One of them is currently in custody and has snitched on the others.

So now, it is time to put an end to all of these off the wall conspiracy theories.

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Cicaeda 9 months ago

I like teeveee. Yours is the first video I've seen. You're the reason I signed up. This is a great alternative. People vote with their money everyday. Might as well do it here. Now, about this subject... It's sad and I hope even more news comes out about it too course the air. My FB timeline is all about police corruption, no one seems to believe the initial story.

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admin 2 months ago

@Feldheld: we appreciate it. Please do what you can to spread the word about TeeVeee so we can continue to grow. And thank you!

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Feldheld 9 months ago

Same here. Cool thing and I hope they stay independent and unbiased. I believe in free markets, not government intervention. Let youtube & Co strangulate themselves with their cowardice before the SJW mob.

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