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WarmPotato 06 Nov 2019

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Why VOAT is Terrible GARBAGE!!!.mp4



When Reddit sends its people,they're not sending their best! They're bringing white supremacy, They're bringing pedophilia, they're rapists; and some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to the moderators and they tell us what we're getting...

Alright enough of that. Voat.co is not a good site. Its got a thriving community of white supremacists that downvote any and all posts that disagree in order to keep their echo chamber separate from the world. And normally I wouldn't have a problem with that - but Voat is a special case as it works for two evil empires. Pedophiles & White Supremacists. All in one place, on one site - Voat.

Voat does these fundraisers where people can donate bitcoin to help the site and keep it running, and I'm telling you now - avoid them like the plague. Voat is sending your money out to host pedophilia, racism, and anti-semitism. Voat cannot be trusted. Voat is a terrible website. When it comes to Voat, they need to be shut down! And before you say free speech, pedophilia is not covered under free speech. They've had 3-4 years to take action and still the admins at Voat remain silent and allow it to continue. They obviously tolerate pedophilia, and they must be stopped.

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